MATE 021 – Nathan Rose explains how to launch a killer equity crowdfunding campaign

Nathan Rose is an equity crowdfunding expert who’s helped raise over $11 M for his clients through successful equity crowdfunding campaigns. Nathan joins MATE podcast to talk about the difference between “equity crowdfunding” and “rewards crowdfunding”, what you should look for in a crowdfunding platform and how to decide whether crowdfunding is appropriate for your business. Nathan also reveals the key tips you’ll need to launch your very own killer equity crowdfunding campaign!

Nathan Rose
Nathan Rose



  • What is “equity crowdfunding”? And how is it different from “rewards crowdfunding”?
  • How to choose the right of crowdfunding platform for your business (e.g. Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Equitise, etc.)
  • When is equity crowdfunding is a great option for launching your business?
  • When is equity crowdfunding not the best option for launching your business?
  • The key tips to launching a successful equity crowdfunding campaign!
  • When is it appropriate to “bootstrap” your business?
  • The pros and cons of having many small investors versus a few big investors
  • Why are equity crowdfunding platforms so strict with new proposal applications?
  • Equitise is an Australian-based equity crowdfunding service




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