MATE 022 – Peter Wagstaff on why universities are broken and how to fix tertiary education

Peter Wagstaff—or “Wags” as he’s often known—is a progressive educator at Monash University (in fact, Wags was my marketing lecturer). He’s on the forefront of next generation teaching at the university, and in this episode of MATE we talk about: why the university system is broken and how to fix tertiary education. Finally, we tackle the big question: does the higher education system really prepare students for the workforce? (And a bonus this week … we take some listener questions!)

Peter Wagstaff recording MATE 022
Peter Wagstaff recording MATE 022



  • Why Peter doesn’t like to be referred to as a “lecturer”, and instead prefers the term “educator”.
  • Why the tertiary education system is broken, and how it can be fixed.
  • Student expectations when they enrol in their chosen course at university
  • What’s the real purpose of higher education?
  • Learning goes beyond the classroom
  • Does the higher education system adequately prepare students for the workplace?
  • Passionate teachers vs. glorified journal writers
  • Using big data to predict when students are at risk of failing, and how to assist them.
  • BONUS: And a bonus this week … we take some listener questions!




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