MATE 020 – Tait Ischia on content strategy and writing copy that converts sales

Tait Ischia is a copywriter, content strategist and author. His book, ‘Copywrong to copywriter’, is a handbook for anyone who feels like they can’t write to save themselves. In this episode of MATE, we talk about what’s involved in defining a successful content strategy, how to write copy that converts more customers and how to launch a crowdfunded book. We also have a few friendly arguments along the way. Like, does tone-of-voice even matter? And, how important is copy in this web-focused world?

Tait Ischia recording MATE 020
Tait Ischia recording MATE 020



  • Are most copywriters trained in the field? What backgrounds do advertising copywriters have?
  • Using proper grammar is still important when writing for advertising. Sometimes.
  • Writing for yourself is just as crucial as writing for your audience
  • How important is it to consider tone-of-voice when writing? What does that even mean?
  • The definition of “Content Strategy”, as outlined by Kristina Halvorson in her book, Content Strategy for the Web.
  • The real-world rivalry between Content Strategists and Marketers
  • What is a website information architecture (IA)?
  • Opinions on brands that use modern slang and memes in social media and advertising
  • “Content is king”. Or is it?
  • How feedback from people outside your bubble can be useful
  • Tait explains why he wrote his book, Copywrong to copywriter.
  • Strategy over style




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