MATE 039 – How to build a life-size LEGO car powered by air, with Steve Sammartino (PART 1)

Steve Sammartino is a charismatic radio host, futurist, author, public speaker, entrepreneur, technology strategist and former advertising strategy director.
Steve talks about his career successes and failures, what lead him to being a speaker, and how he teamed up with a teenager from Romania to build a functioning car made from Lego. This is the first instalment of an entertaining TWO-PART MATE Podcast episode. ENJOY!



  • Do big businesses just pretend to love their customers?
  • Yesterday’s dollar Vs today’s dollar Vs tomorrow’s dollar
  • Being an entrepreneur as a child
  • Why Steve spent over a decade in a job that he didn’t really enjoy
  • Steve’s book ‘The Lessons School Forgot’
  • Steve’s startup business Rentoid
  • How Uber removed the friction of transactions
  • Steve’s move from being an entreprenuer to Director of Strategy and Innovation within the advertising industry, and his time working with Gray Advertising
  • How blogging lead Steve to becomning a published author
  • The story of a Romanian teenage boy who approached Steve about making a Lego car, and a Lego spaceship which was sent into orbit! This became The Super Awesome Micro Project
  • Steve’s book foray into public speaking
  • What goes into writing a book? How do you make things translate to the page? Steve breaks it down.
  • “Smartphone technology is very immature”






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