MATE 017 – Sabrina Must on effective copywriting and living as an author

Sabrina Must is a writer, an author of multiple books and a copywriting consultant. We have a fascinating discussion about why the written word is still so important for marketing today. Sabrina reveals her secrets to writing killer copy. We talk about how writing is different from other forms of media, like: images, audio and video. And we talk about what life is like as an author: how to write a book; whether you should self-publish; what’s the story with bestseller lists; and is being an author all that glamorous?

Sabrina Must
Sabrina Must



  • Why writing and the written word are so important to Sabrina
  • Sabrina tells the heartbreaking story about how her sister’s sudden death inspired her to do what she loves
  • The personal nature with which Sabrina approaches writing
  • Why the written word is still so important for marketing today
  • The genesis of Sabrina’s business, Write Less Bad, and the origins of its catchy name.
  • Why the written word is still so important in storytelling, connecting with people and in communicating a company’s message.
  • Tips on writing killer copy for better marketing
  • The truth about bestseller lists
  • What’s the difference between having your book distributed by a publishing house, versus self-publishing and managing all the marketing yourself?
  • Can you actually make a living being an author?




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