MATE 016 – Paul Ramondo creates 2,737.80% ROI campaigns using marketing funnels

There’s no doubt that Paul Ramondo is the best digital marketer in all of Western Australia. He consistently delivers insane results for his clients (think 2,737.80% ROI campaigns!) by employing the latest strategies in digital and social media. Join Adam Jaffrey as he talks to Paul about what it’s really like starting a marketing business, why you should do things you’re willing to suffer through, the art of saying no to stay productive and the 101 on marketing funnels. Oh, and strap yourself in because Paul has got more energy than a single podcast can contain!!! His enthusiasm is infectious, and you’ll leave this discussion feeling pumped to achieve life’s big goals!

Paul Ramondo
Paul Ramondo



  • How Paul built his digital marketing agency, RamondoMedia.
  • It’s not just a cliché … the early bird really does get the worm!
  • Why you have to put the hard work into what you love in order to get results
  • Paul’s hometown of Perth, Western Australia, is the 2nd most isolated city in the world.
  • How Paul teaches entrepreneurs to engaging with the digital consumer using social media
  • Life fulfilment, purpose, and finding your ‘Why‘.
  • Saying “No”, and why it’s so important to focus in order to stay productive.
  • How to prioritise your day’s activities to make the most of your 24 hours
  • Time management and ways to stay focused when you set your own hours as a business owner.
  • Paul’s #1 principal: “Don’t be a dick”.
  • What is a marketing funnel and how to build one?
  • Facebook advertising … you’re probably doing it wrong.
  • The problems big brands experience trying to use Snapchat for marketing



The Iceberg Illusion, by Sylvia Duckworth. (Image source:
The Iceberg Illusion, by Sylvia Duckworth. (Image source:




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