MATE 034 – Making successful advertising campaigns, with award-winning creative Daniel Sparkes

Daniel Sparkes is a Cannes Gold Lion and D&AD Yellow Pencil award-winning advertising creative, with a flair for side-projects. He’s also a long-time friend of Adam’s and a MATE podcast fan. In this fun and interesting chat, Daniel talks about his passion for creativity, how his personality shapes the way he approaches his work, and the experiences that lead him to where he is today.



  • What is an Advertising Creative?
  • Daniel’s experience breaking into the advertising industry
  • Working for Leo Burnett, and what others can expect once they enter an agency
  • What is Daniel’s “superpower”?
  • The theory that creative agencies are a thing of the past
  • Daniel talks about some of the most successful campaigns he’s seen, from the likes of American Express and Adidas
  • How the Reword app is helping to curb cyber-bullying and the PR that helped it take off
  • Daniel and Adam have a healthy debate over industry awards:
Are they really the “be-all, end-all” of industry recognition?
  • “To be in culture is to be relevant”, and why watching that Justin Bieber video you hate, can be beneficial
  • The benefits of having side projects to stay creatively healthy
  • Daniel’s successful side projects such as “Pillaring”, and failed side projects such as entering kid’s colouring competitions
(Yes, you read that correctly)
  • Interactive artist Ivan Cash, and his influence as a creative
  • Amazon’s upcoming move into the Australian market






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