MATE 033 – Powerful public speaking tips from TEDxMelbourne curator Jon Yeo

Jon Yeo is an executive speaker coach and the curator of TEDxMelbourne. In this episode of MATE, he gives some powerful tips to delivering an effective public speech, he tells us the key elements to moving TEDx Talk and he tells us what it’s like going to the global TED conference.

Jon Yeo
Jon Yeo



  • How Jon’s background in IT at the time of Y2K aka “The Millennium Bug”, incidentally lead him to where he is today
  • Intense focus
  • What does a Speaker Coach do?
  • Content, delivery, composure, and vocal preparation: Is one more important than the other?
  • “Great communication is universal”
  • Make your speech accessible to your audience
  • Thought leadership and reputation trumps features and benefits
  • Apple’s trust relationship with their community of customers
  • Jon tells us what makes a great speech, some of the mistakes speakers make and gives us a taste of his ‘9 Elements’ to a great speech.
  • Jon shares his story of a Nigerian gun runner, and how Jon helped turn his story into a powerful thought-provoking message
  • The power of ideas, and asking the question “what if it wasn’t?”
  • FEAR causes us to lose LOGIC
  • The TEDx experience, culture, the history of TED Talks and the TED mantra: “Ideas worth spreading”
  • Jon tells us about some of the most notable, transformative and surprising TED Talks he’s seen
  • Jon’s heavy involvement with TEDxMelbourne conference, and how he is preparing speakers for their upcoming event on 19th September 2017)


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