MATE 024 – Ronsley Vaz, from Amplify, on podcasting and the power of audio

Ronsley Vaz is the Chief Daydreamer at Amplify, an audio marketing agency, and is also a strong podcast advocate. In this episode of MATE, we talk about the opportunities podcasting can create for businesses, the power of audio marketing and what Ronsley is trying to achieve with his agency. Ronsley also tells us about his new book and how to raise your voice, boost your brand and grow your business. And find out what I asked Ronsley for him to respond with: “Wow, that’s the best question I’ve been asked … ever!”

Ronsley Vaz
Ronsley Vaz



  • How Amplify harnesses the power of conversation to create powerful marketing campaigns
  • The effective and powerful ways we can communicate via podcasting
  • The challenges of creating good audio content
  • Why podcast listeners expect good quality audio in 2017
  • Adam and Ronsley debate whether audio marketing is the right approach for marketing your brand when considering the principles of strategic marketing
  • Ronsley walks us through his book ‘Amplify’ and it’s 7-step framework
  • Ronsley’s advice on how to measure the true success of your podcast/audio content
  • Ronsley’s take on the mistakes made by brands in content marketing
  • Topless hairdressing at ‘Frisky Fridays’ in Cairns, QLD.




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