MATE 014 – Rory Aronson introduces FarmBot, the AI robot which farms your veggie patch

Rory Aronson revolutionised agriculture when he created the coolest invention ever—FarmBot—an AI robot which farms your veggie patch. Seriously, this autonomous robot plants seeds, waters the garden, checks the soil nutrients and kills the weeds. In this episode of MATE, Rory explains how he built this precision agriculture machine and why it’s going to transform the agriculture industry. We also discuss how he hacked the product launch video to go viral and smash the goal on their crowdfunding campaign.

Rory Aronson
Rory Aronson



  • What is CNC farming and what are the benefits?
  • How FarmBot works and how to build one
  • Who FarmBot is created for
  • Why Rory decided to make FarmBot open-source
  • How FarmBot compares to traditional methods of agriculture
  • Plans to make FarmBot available for under $1,000
  • Kickstarter’s impact on launching the project
  • How to make your product launch video campaign go viral on social media
  • How Rory has dealt with the sudden media attention of becoming an instant celebrity
  • What’s exciting you right now? Burning Man.




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