MATE 015 – Minter Dial on why your employees need to be your biggest brand advocates

Minter Dial is a controversial marketing consultant with unique perspectives on digital transformation, as well as building brands through employees. Listen in to hear his argument as to why your employees are more important than your customers, and how to succeed in this new age of heightened customer expectations. Minter also tells us about a school teacher who made a prosthetic limb for a student using LEGO, and what we can learn about organisational culture and branding from that.

Minter Dial
Minter Dial



  • The importance of employees being ambassadors of your brand, and how to operationalise that through the organisation.
  • How to make your employees your number #1 fan
  • “Your customers’ are just someone else’s customers who occasionally buy you” (from The conquest of indifference by Martin Weigel [SlideShare]):

  • The innovative prosthetic arm made for a young child from LEGO!
  • How to develop a successful digital strategy in a constantly shifting online landscape
  • Why digital transformation is so difficult
  • Expectations of the digital consumer in 2017
  • SoMo = Social and Mobile marketing
  • Should you drive traffic back to your core digital hub (i.e. the hub-and-spoke model)? Or alternatively, should you find your audience on the platforms they frequent with native content?
  • Why most brands make mistakes developing their social tactics, and don’t consider how social can help them achieve their overall marketing objectives.
  • Minter tells us about his book and documentary film, entitled: ‘The Last Ring Home’, which is based on his grandfather’s ring during WWII.




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