MATE 006 – Ryan McLeod on designing and coding Blackbox, the frustratingly innovative iPhone game!

Ryan McLeod—designer and developer of Blackbox for iPhone—talks to me via Skype about how and why he came up with this crazy idea for an iPhone puzzle game. We talk about some of the design challenges he encountered while making Blackbox, and explore what life is like as an indie developer (when the hordes of fans come bashing on your door wanting new levels!). Ryan also discusses the principles of good design, and what it’s been like creating an interaction-heavy game without a formal design background. It’s a fascinating and hilarious chat!

📲 DOWNLOAD Blackbox, the iPhone puzzle game (FREE on the App Store).
🎥 WATCH VIDEO of this episode on YouTube (the video of our Skype call).

Ryan McLeod recording MATE 006
Ryan McLeod recording MATE 006

Note 1: You should download the game Blackbox (it’s FREE) on iPhone before listening to this episode, as it will give you some context for the discussion I have with Ryan.

Note 2: Since I recorded the video from my Skype call with Ryan, I decided to test out a video edition of MATE for this episode. You can watch the discussion on YouTube if you’d like some additional visual stimulation.


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