MATE 004 – Leigh Price on social analytics, working in start-ups and being a nerd

Leigh Price—self-proclaimed social analytics nerd—explains what the field of social analytics is, what it’s useful for and why businesses should use it. We talk about good reports (and bad), and Leigh tells us why he loves working in start-ups. Towards the end, Leigh makes some fascinating predictions about the future of social media. He also reveals a to-do list app, which he endearingly promotes with the statement: “It has changed my life! Look at me, I’m raving about it. I spent 200-fucking-dollars on this thing [app]!”

Leigh Price recording MATE 004
Leigh Price recording MATE 004


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  • “We wouldn’t include anything in a report if it didn’t include an insight.” ~ Leigh Price
  • “The really interesting things happen for the people who live in the space that’s in between being ‘just outside your comfort zone’ and ‘I’m fucking terrified!'” ~ Adam Jaffrey
  • “I think I’m lucky because I’m a massive fucking nerd. I love talking about this stuff with anyone. It’s genuinely interesting to me to hear what people are doing [with these tools].” ~ Leigh Price
  • “If people need help, they’ll tell you what they want. In a sales role, you just have to listen to what people are saying. They will tell you quite explicitly what they’re trying to do.” ~ Leigh Price
  • “Reports should be insight-driven, not vanity-driven.” ~ Leigh Price


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  1. @Leigh, how’s your personal brand sentiment been affected since this went live?

    Nice one, enjoyed listening.

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