MATE 031 – Simon Davenport’s lessons from marketing at Officeworks, Boost Juice and Kmart

Simon Davenport is one of Australia’s premier marketing professionals, with 12 years’ experience in the field. He’s spent the majority of his career working in senior leadership roles at some of Australia’s most iconic retail brands. During this chat, Simon explains what he’s learned about marketing from working at successful businesses like Officeworks, Kmart and Boost Juice. In 2016, Simon was inducted into the very exclusive The Marketing Academy as one of the industry’s most influential and successful leaders. Simon’s main goal is to inspire and motivate the next generation of marketing leaders, something he absolutely does in this episode of MATE.

Simon Davenport
Simon Davenport



  • Simon reflects on his early years, studying marketing and working in creative advertising agencies.
  • Why creativity is crucial in marketing
  • What Simon learned while working for retail giant Kmart: “No business is too big to benefit from change”.
  • How a youthful culture helped Boost Juice grow to over 250 stores worldwide
  • Boost Juice had a policy for their head office staff to spend time working in customer-facing roles in the retail stores, which helps them better understand the brand.
  • What Simon learned from Boost Juice founders Janine Allis and Jeff Allis (Janine is also a co-host of the entrepreneurial reality TV show Shark Tank).
  • “Passion produces great products”. But can you design for that? And if so, how?
  • What Simon has learned in his current role at Officeworks, Australia’s leading stationery and office supplies chain.
  • The similarities Simon has seen in all of the successful brands he’s worked with
  • Simon Davenport considers his career speciality as being “the fixer”.
  • Simon’s #1 leadership tip: “Ask the experts in your team the right questions”.
  • Does advertising actually work?
  • Simon breaks down the three roles of advertising: (1) sales activation; (2) functional benefits; and (3) emotional priming.
  • What are the consequences of abandoning any of those roles?
  • What does having a “brand purpose” mean?
  • The internal and operational challenges of getting an emotion-driven “brand purpose” campaign launched
  • How Simon was selected for an exclusive leadership program with The Marketing Academy
  • Simon’s advice about leadership in marketing
  • Why Simon keeps a gratitude journal






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