MATE 030 – Joel Gerschman and Howard Finger on building a better business and living a happier life

Learn how to build a better business and live a happier life, with the two guests on this week’s episode of MATE. Joel Gerschman (business coach) and Howard Finger (businessman) are the authors of a new book called, ‘The Mindful Entrepreneur’. Their book teaches business owners how to grow their business, and build systems and processes to make it successful. Their advice also helps business owners with tips on how to cope with the stress of running a company and deal with unforeseen challenges. Plus, we take a behind-the-scenes look at the process of creating their book.

Joel Gerschman (left) and Howard Finger (right)
Joel Gerschman (left) and Howard Finger (right)



  • The real-life events (from Howard’s life) which inspired the book, The Mindful Entrepreneur.
  • The book’s key pillars, which can help the everyday business owner be more successful.
  • The impact on personal lives when business isn’t going smoothly, and vice versa.
  • The importance of prioritising, systemising and delegating for small business owners.
  • The steps Howard took to improve his personal and career well-being
  • The multitude of risks which entrepreneurs take, when running a business.
  • Why content marketing has become so important in 2017
  • Finding the confidence to say “no”
  • What a state of mindfulness can achieve, through good and bad times.
  • How a change of mindset got Howard through the Global Financial Crisis
  • What’s the deal with business books? Why do they always promise so much?
  • Meaning and purpose often outweighs monetary gain, and why that’s not such a bad thing.




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