MATE 040 – A futurist’s prediction of civilisation in 300 years, with Steve Sammartino (PART 2)

Steve Sammartino is back for more! In the second half of his chat with Adam, Steve predicts where Planet Earth is headed, (it may scare you) and he also gives some brilliant tips that anybody chasing success can apply in their career & day-to-day life.



  • Steve’s hack for communicating facts through the art of storytelling
  • “Marketing is telling stories to get people to believe in something you believe in”
  • Steve opens up about his weaknesses, and what he does to work around those
  • Can missing deadlines actually be beneficial in starting a business?
  • The mobility revolution that is upon us, and how it will dramaticaly change the world we live in
  • Where will the world be in 20, or even 300 years? Steve predicts the future
  • Elon Musk’s Tesla could become the world’s greatest company
  • The inspiration behind Steve’s book ‘The Lessons School Forgot’






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