MATE 037 – How to break bad habits, buy a private island and argue with billionaires, with Maneesh Sethi (REBROADCAST of MATE 011)

Maneesh Sethi is a serial entrepreneur and a serial troublemaker. He’s the founder of Pavlok, a habit-changing wearable wristband which gives you electric shocks. His career is pervaded with shocking (no pun intended!) stories … like the time he bought his own private island; the story of how he wrote a best-selling book at 14 years-old; or when he had a heated argument with billionaire Mark Cuban on Shark Tank. Maneesh has spent time working with some of the all-time best business thinkers, and in this episode of MATE he shares the business advice he personally received from the likes of Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin and Richard Branson.



  • What is bootstrapping a company?
  • The Outsiders, by William N. Thorndike, which analyses unconventional CEOs and what made them successful.
  • Maneesh explains why Series A parties are bullshit. You’re buying drinks with borrowed money.
  • Pavlok follows the growth philosophies outlined in Scaling Up, by Verne Harnish.
  • Hear the best business advice Maneesh ever received from Seth Godin






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