MATE 027 – Thomas Barta on how to succeed as a marketing leader

Thomas Barta is a marketer, turned McKinsey partner, turned organisational psychologist, speaker, consultant and author. His book, ‘The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader’, teaches marketers how to succeed by creating value for their customers as well as creating value for their organisation. Learn how to shift the perception of marketing being seen as a cost-centre, how to build more trust with your stakeholders and how have a more successful marketing career. Listen to why Thomas is one of the most sought-after leadership experts in the world, as well as why his book recently SOLD OUT in Europe!

Thomas Barta
Thomas Barta



  • Thomas asks Adam what he thinks of marketers
  • The common issues marketing leaders face: the trust gap, the power gap and the skills gap.
  • The four Ps of marketing
  • How to battle the common misconceptions marketers face within organisations (such as: being a cost rather than a profit-centre, or even being less important than other departments).
  • How to become a truly effective marketer
  • Keys to success when being a good marketer is not enough
  • The importance of having an ever-evolving skillset
  • Getting further by knowing the agendas of stakeholders within your organisation, and working to help achieve their goals.
  • Digital marketing requires strategic leadership; to succeed you must show how digital contributes to your company’s overarching goals and priorities.
  • An effective marketing department is built on team balance




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