MATE 026 – Sean Zinsmeister unlocks your marketing stack with big data and marketing automation

Sean Zinsmeister knows his shit when it comes to big data, marketing automation and marketing technology. He has a long history working with marketing technology and is currently the VP of Product Marketing at Infer. In this episode of MATE, Sean explains how to unlock the power of automation and how to use AI to make big data more manageable. Sean is also the host of the marketing technology podcast, Stack & Flow.

Sean Zinsmeister
Sean Zinsmeister



  • What is Product Marketing? And how is it different to Product Management?
  • Sean explains how his background in music has helped his career in marketing technology
  • The surprising parallels between audio engineering and marketing automation
  • Sean tells us about his early days in software marketing in Silicon Valley
  • What does Infer do? And how does Infer’s software work?
  • What is Marketing Automation, and why is it valuable for businesses?
  • The / Uber user-data sale scandal
  • Sean reveals how to get better conversion rates, rank your leads better, and understand big data.
  • Finally, we dissect the common buzzwords used in software marketing!




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