MATE 025 – Joseph Jaffe on consumer empowerment, and other tectonic shifts in the marketing world

Joseph Jaffe is a marketing visionary and serial troublemaker. He begins our conversation by hijacking my podcast from the very first sentence, and continues to shake up my perception of the marketing world for the next 60 minutes. Joseph is an entrepreneur, author and industry observer. We talk about how the advertising world has changed and why consumers are now in control of the interactions they have with brands. Joseph also drops some other tectonic shifts we’re due to see across marketing in 2017. Strap yourself in, this is gonna be a good one!

Joseph Jaffe
Joseph Jaffe



  • The reality that consumer empowerment has changed the marketing game
  • The philosophy of why ‘the 30-second spot’ in advertising is dead, and examples from Joseph’s book, Life After the 30-Second Spot.
  • Can brands selling everyday products sustain their market share without good advertising?
  • The 4 principles which can make or break a business
  • How brands can leverage their existing customers to generate new ones
  • What Joseph learnt about the perception of value, in his early days as a marketing employee at Nando’s.
  • The key takeaways from Joseph’s book, Flip the Funnel.
  • How Netflix survived their digital transformation and why Blockbuster didn’t
  • The big changes that are coming to the marketing and advertising world in 2017
  • How Joseph’s agency, Evol8tion, connects start-ups with brands.




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