MATE 023 – John J. Wall from the Marketing Over Coffee podcast on the opportunities it’s opened

John J. Wall is the host of the Marketing Over Coffee podcast, which is one of the longest-running podcasts on iTunes. John is also the VP of Marketing at EventHero, a firm which makes event management easy. In this episode of MATE podcast, we talk about marketing in corporate America, what it’s like hosting one of the most successful business podcasts on iTunes and what opportunities Marketing Over Coffee has opened for John. Listen now to hear what happens when I speak with one of my podcasting idols!

John J. Wall
John J. Wall



  • John J. Wall is the Vice President of Marketing at EventHero
  • John’s work history, including working in five start-ups over his career.
  • The Marketing Over Coffee podcast, including: the history of the show, the fabled beginnings with Christopher S. Penn at Dunkin’ Donuts, the show’s growth, etc.
  • Podcast advertising and the intimate connections brands can make with listeners
  • How Serial helped podcasting reach a larger audience
  • Adam and John share their podcasting experiences
  • What John learned from a decade of podcasting
  • John explains the key concepts of his book, B2B Marketing Confessions.
  • What it’s like to be a published author
  • John shares some of the key lessons he’s learnt over the years from podcasting, business and life.




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