MATE 009 – Joel and Maria House on SEO mastery and how to travel the world with your business

Joel and Maria House are a Brisbane couple who are travelling the world with their SEO business. I asked them: what is SEO, why is it important and how do you master it? Joel and Maria share the key tips on how to structure your business to enable you to travel the world. And … we get really deep and meaningful to discuss life purpose, knowing your “Why”, and how to build a happy and fulfilling life. I met these fellow Aussies and recorded the first international edition of MATE at the WeWork coworking space in Dumbo, Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Joel and Maria House recording MATE 009
Joel and Maria House recording MATE 009


Topics and links:

  • Organic Google traffic provides the best business leads
  • What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?
  • The top 10 links on Google get almost 3/4 of all click-throughs
  • What is Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising?
  • What’s the difference between Search Engine Marketing (SEM), SEO and PPC?
  • If you’re not on the first page of Google, you don’t exist!
  • White-hat SEO vs Black-hat SEO
  • The business life rule of: “Don’t be a dick!”
  • Why Maria and Joel work as a small company rather than a big corporation
  • Everything in New York City is on such a grand scale
  • Marketing in New York City is much more aggressive, direct and competitive than in Australia.
  • The economics of running a business in the USA vs Australia. A business needs only to be mildly successful in the USA to make radically more money than in Australia, due to the sheer difference in population!
  • Coupons and loyalty cards are massive in America. Every retail business category (e.g. drug stores, supermarkets, department stores, etc.) has their own branded loyalty card.
  • Casper mattresses advertise everywhere (including: subways, outdoor ads, taxis, social media, etc.) and are super-stringent at tracking all their marketing effectiveness coupon codes.
  • What’s it like being married and working together?
  • Do you ever have challenges switching off from work, given that you live together?
  • Why doing what you love makes it easier to focus and enjoy life more
  • The key tips on how to structure your business to enable you to travel the world
  • Why travelling while working is the best way to set yourself up for life
  • It’s important to know your overarching goals (knowing your “Why”), because it helps you make better decisions.
  • Joel and Maria started their careers by building an eBay business, after learning how to do so using a course called “eBay Magic”.
  • Why there’s no college or university degree for SEO
  • How big is the SEO industry? Apparently it’s worth $65 billion!
  • Sometimes you can better grow a business by niching it rather than expanding it
  • What have you had to sacrifice to build the business/life you want?
  • Being outside your comfort zone is where all the magic happens
  • Joel talks about the Tony Robbins documentary, “I’m Not Your Guru” (produced by Netflix).
  • It’s not achievement in life that makes you happy; it’s growth.
  • It’s not achievement in life that makes us happy, it’s the journey towards it. It’s who we become—or the process of becoming—that we gain fulfilment from.
  • Happiness is derived from the pursuit of meaningful goals
  • Maria and Joel call-out Gary Vee to come on MATE podcast!


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